Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A new life with Pandora

Pandora is a magnificent and rather large dog. She is part Great Pyrenees and what looks to be Australian Shepherd. She is black and white with long hair and black and white patches. Parts of her fur looks like the fur a royal king would wear on a fur cape of white fur and small black specks in a cartoon. She has a black patch over her right eye and a black ear on her left.

Our other four dogs are Pomeranians and one long hair Chihuahua ranging in 5 lbs to 11 lbs. So this new addition is a rather large change. The cats are a little freaked out by the new addition which is really funny watching a 4 oz kitten huff up and Pandora putting her head down and backing away in a whimper with her tail between her legs.

So far Pandora has learned a new trick or two. She can leap over a tall fence that stops horses, dig up a newly planted tree and my favorite new trick; she can dive through windows bursting through guaranteed durable screens.

Pandora has taught me a trick or two such as remote controls must be placed in a wooden box or they become newly favored chew toys, daily hair brushing is a must, and do not allow a freshly basked brisket to cool off on top of the stove or the whole thing will be gone within seconds with no evidence remaining and finally the kitchen trash needs to be stacked up high on the kitchen counter out of a 4 foot reach.

I am thinking of writing a children book on dust bunnies. I already call this Dust Bunny Ranch much to my husband’s dismay. The newest dust bunnies are huge, white and can run fast like the breeze. If anyone wants to know what dust bunnies eat, its kitten food and Cheerios. At least ours do.

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