Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taste The Difference - Galena Park Texas

My first impression was a voice, a deep sensual male voice that spoke “hello”; he literally had me at “Hello”. My two hour drive from Sealy to Galena Park with heavy traffic was not wasted. Here on the far east side of town in a heavy industrial area near the ship channel is a culinary gem. Only two weeks old with a soft opening they are already operating in the black. A small restaurant decorated in earth tones and local artist’s artwork with a steaming service line. Refrigerated desserts filled with sweet potato pie, banana pudding and pound cake slices. The passing trucks thunder by missing the 3 layer 6 foot smoker filled with various meats fragrance the air with pecan and oak wood. I stood outside in the smoke just taking in my favorite scent. I meet with the father and son team, Richard (the voice) and son Derrell Gary. Bringing 30 plus years experience in the restaurant industry and Northern California influences I sit down and take a bit of the best French toast I have ever experienced. Hollow bread filled with brie cheese, topped with walnuts, sautéed fresh bananas, the right amount of cinnamon, vanilla liquor and powdered sugar topped off with a sliced large strawberry. The plate was served with perfectly grilled chicken apple sausage. They were mildly amused at my over excitement and brought me two delicious pork ribs slathered in a tangy bbq sauce. This unusual eatery also serves corned beef hash made from scratch (I thought corned beef hash was born in a can), smoked salmon omelet with a red bell pepper sour cream sauce for those of you that like more adventure in your breakfast. Come early as they sometimes run out of food each day. The big wigs at the local plants are beginning to discover this place very quickly.

Thumbs Up

Taste The Difference
2118 Clinton Dr
Galena Park, Texas 77547
(713) 671-1300

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