Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cafe Ginger

I am looking out the glass doors eating a rather late lunch watching the dark clouds move in. I am dining in the beautiful Cafe Ginger formerly known as CafĂ© le Jadeite. The interior view alone makes me want the restaurant be a success. Sitting in the front area so I can work at the same time I eat, I am pelted by the sounds of the TV and Tony Bennett at once in strange stereo. I think at this odd time I am the only customer. The service has been by a hovering waiter that looks like he could be brothers to the ice skating champion Scott Hamilton except with a bit more blonde hair. At one point he sat at the next table to me watching TV with his knee frantically bouncing up & down. I didn’t order anything exotic just my classic favorite General Tso’s Chicken. It’s plated well with crisp fresh green beans and standard steamed rice and a spring roll. The chicken wasn’t spicy at all. I can see small pieces of the small red peppers that are usually hot. It was a total sweet syrup that when I brought a forkful to my mouth it left a trail all the way down to my plate. As I sat here clearing calls on my bb, the syrup got considerably thicker to the point I could hold rice & chicken on my fork upside down and it did not move.

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