Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday evening rain

The guys gathered yesterday and worked their buns off in the summer heat and sun. Three men work better 25 feet up in the air than just the usual two. Progression was rapidly made to the point they felt they were over the halfway mark framing the roof. We have decided to go three levels and the 8 stall barn is turning into a monster in size. We will use 4 stalls for the horses, then tack, storage and feed. The back will have an upper & lower deck with a party room on the second level. It is a funny idea to think we may very well cast our fishing lines from the second floor into the new pond. The view is beautiful and will be greatly appreciated when the geese are in and the distant towns display their fireworks. Tammy came over and worked the girls and assisted the guys proving to easily work along them as one of them. I prepared for the exterminator and left with Pandora in order to get her out of the house. Since no lead, rope, leash or window can hold her it was best to take her on an outing. We played with Tiffany awhile eating at Sonic and stopping over at an estate sale. Purchased Anvil Bar 5 new vintage glasses since he posted he could use a few more. Dropping off Tiffany I picked up more beer & fajita’s from Amigo’s on Westheimer. After all tummy’s were full back at the ranch the skies darkened, Joyce and Mike had unloaded the bikes from their truck and off went the kids, when they were about a mile away the clouds burst open providing much needed relief to the heat. It was fun standing around tailgating drinking beer and wine in crystal glasses while eating cupcakes & fresh strawberries and getting soaked. With the lightning above we moved onto the front porch wrapped in clean soft towels laughing and enjoying the cool breeze and soft jazz playing inside on satellite.

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