Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little Bigs - Houston

An old friend of my husbands once owned a small Chinese restaurant called Ming’s Café. Fay Jowl since opened another restaurant and has relocated minus his wife in Austin and sold Ming’s to make room for Little Bigs. Fay was a really good realtor, even sold us our previous house and attended our wedding 20 years ago. Late one night David and I decided to go by there and experience this new restaurant. I was stunned how different the place was by simply adding on a large deck and placing a large tented canopy overhead. Why hadn’t Fay thought of this? It is wonderful to sit outside and dine watching the Montrose night life pass by and feel the breeze. The outdoor flat screen tv has already begun to show signs of being effected by the weather with bands of green and purple displays moving across the screen. The parking lot has huge crater holes so be careful not to bit your lip as you pass through them. The location is nestled under huge trees and surrounded now by black iron fencing. Nirvana was soulfully singing over the speakers. We ordered the triple slider with two beef and one chicken. The beef with cheese had a lot of flavor blended into the sauté onions but the chicken was rather dry reminded me of a McChick of some type served with only a single round limp pickle slice. The chicken triangle was deep fried in a tempura styled batter was rather boring in my opinion. I really don’t understand why restaurant owners don’t pay attention to details and the value of real estate. I dined on the nice patio overlooking a rented Pod trailer looking into the back inside of the restaurants 600 sq. ft. dining room where they have stacked 100 sq. feet of boxes in one corner tying up a valuable corner in full sight. Little Bigs is a great spot to go back and eat but I think I will stick to the beef.

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