Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taco Grill – Katy Texas

One year old family owned and operated small clean restaurant. Counter service with a smile. I ordered a marinated shredded pork torta sandwich. Served on a toasted bolillo bread about 8 inches long sliced in half filled with fresh avocado, Mexican sour cream and grilled ham. I selected the potatoes as my side dish which was seasoned with a mild unknown spice and topped with fresh farmer’s cheese. Served dry with a self serving counter and four different sauces available to place on the sandwich, I walked away feeling the sandwich was a tad dry. The avocado was lost in the ham and don’t remember actually seeing it on the sandwich but the tell tail sign of an allergic scratching throat proved it was in there. The dining room is divided by a half wall which proved to be a blessing with a be speckled bald male diner wearing shorts and muscle shirt talking rather loudly on his blue tooth accessory drowning out the CNN news coverage of the California fires that was located over the front counter. He was so involved in his loud conversation he never noticed my glaring looks or movement to the other side of the restaurant.
Thumbs Up
2004 S. Mason Rd.
Katy, Texas 77450
(281) 371-8226

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