Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Olives - Katy Texas

3 Olives is a new addition to the Katy dining experience. Jeff and Fauna Miller have a solid following from their now closed Bistro 829. Their focus now on the freestyle Italian restaurant & cuisine. There is a connected Italian import shop located behind the bar area for oils, spices and pasta. I waited for my husband at the dining area near the bar ordering a glass of merlot not having lunch or breakfast I went ahead & ordered an appetizer of spinach & artichoke dip made with 5 different cheeses including gruyere served on seasoned homemade crostini. This was the best spinach & artichoke dip that I have ever dined on. When I ordered my second glass of merlot I was informed that they don’t actually serve merlot by glass, I was drinking Placido Chianti which I did enjoy but they should have told me of the switch upon ordering. My husband made it just in time to enjoy two bites of appetizer. His iceberg wedge salad was served with a fantastic gorgonzola-pesto dressing with speckles of bacon minus the expected diced tomatoes. Our Pollo Bistro entrée would have made Paula Deen proud as the sauce was heavy on the butter. This was a flattened filet of chicken sautéed with pancetta & mushroom in a cilantro cream sauce. We finished off our dinner with a classic tiramisu square served with a strawberry on the side topped with small chocolate chips & chocolate drizzle. The white fill made of mascarpone and a heavy accent of amaretto. We found the service extremely attentive and numerous.
Thumbs Up
3 Olives
22764 Westheimer Pkwy # 600
Katy, Texas 77450
(832) 437-4062

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