Friday, August 14, 2009

Morning Surprise

I noticed our horses were on a different side of the pasture this morning looking out towards the front. I face the same direction to see what they are looking at and see a visiting horse in the front yard out loose enjoying the fresh growing salad bowl in the front yard. I run outside in my nightgown grabbing a lead rope & arm load of hay from the hay barn. She approached me with eyes on the hay but doesn't let me near her. I run next door to my neighbor "Green Acres" and she comes out with a bowl of feed shaking nervously wearing her night clothes. So the two of us manage to get Sissy back into her pasture. "Green Acres" had someone water her pasture before the heavy rains & they had not locked or closed the gate. Sissy just happened to notice the opportunity for freedom this morning and took her fill of freshly blooming roses, cucumbers, and various grasses & bushes. Zsa Zsa Gabor could only lite her cigarette after her heart stopped pounding & we notice each others predicament in our nightgowns and run inside to our own homes. Naturally after helping "Green Acres" in the excitement our dog escapes out over the fence and I am back out calling for the large white furry horse Pandora. All before my first cup of coffee.

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