Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photography & Photography Class

I have the best job in the world working at Rewards Network. I get to meet great chefs and restaurant owners with fascinating stories who put their heart and soul into their restaurants. Some will fail and a lucky few will succeed with the true American success story. It is my mission to help them succeed as much as possible. Rewards Network through its marketing efforts creates multiple websites and markets the restaurant to all the cardmembers. Cardmembers generally make a dining decision on two major factors; the restaurants menu and the photographs. My favorite part of my job is taking the photographs. I have been very fortunate to have had the honor of taking classes with the ultimate food photographer in the world Penny De Los Santos. Penny is a true artistic pioneer in food photography and I have decided to take on some of her philosophies. Organic is the word, natural light and real food that is actually edible & not altered chemically. Penny has many advantages such as experience, professional training, assistants, proper equipment and occasionally food stylists. Unfortunately I haven’t found a class on food styling yet. One assignment at an outdoor food market I discovered that I got a high from taking on an assignment. Giddy as I walked through mud puddles and yet I didn’t have the confidence yet to be imposing and in their face to get the real picture. Hopefully with time I can get the confidence and become more daring & bold. My family is very tolerant during dinner as I get my camera out and take pictures of their dinner as quickly as possible while it gets cold. The restaurant owners nervously hover & the patrons generally want to know what I am up to. I try & remember to send the good ones to the restaurant.

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